Let’s talk about the top three things that you should do before you list your home! 

Getting your home ready to list is a big endeavor but here are our top three things to make sure you do before your list. Declutter, Deep Clean, and Stage. 

1. Declutter

When you are getting ready to sell, it should look like you are moving. Remove anything that is out of season from sight and pack it away. Box up anything that you aren’t going to use until after you move and put it in storage either in a room in your home, in your garage, or in a storage facility. Starting the packing process now will also help you when it comes time to move because you have already packed up a good portion of your home. Also consider decluttering your closets and cabinets. You need to make it look like there is room to grow into and half full spaces will make it feel like they are larger. 

2. Deep Clean

We can’t stress enough the importance of deep cleaning your home. A clean house is a house that sells. When we say deep clean, we mean every nook and cranny from top to bottom inside and out. Deep cleaning is one of the least expensive ways to increase the perceived value of your home. Check out this blog on Low Cost Investments that add Value to Your Home to learn more! 

3. Stage

Staging is so important when it comes time to take photos of our home and show it. Oftentimes, your home can be staged with the items that are already in it and many times goes back to decluttering. Many times we will bring in a local home stager to spend an hour in your home going over what you can do to make your home feel welcoming from the moment prospective buyers set foot through the door. This includes things to do with your family photos, how to make a small hallway feel larger, what to do with all of the art projects your kids have brought home from school, and the checklist you should follow for staging before any showing appointment. If the house that you are selling is vacant, we can help with low cost ideas on how to stage each room effectively and efficiently.


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