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Home Seller Resources

Selling your home is an exciting and sometimes terrifying time. We have compiled a list of resources for you to use when considering selling your home, actively in the process of selling, and when you are under contract. check out our frequently asked questions below along with some of the articles we have put together to help you prepare to put your house on the market below. If you are finding that you have a question we haven’t answered, need some help implementing suggestions, or just want someone to bounce ideas off of, please reach out!

Common Home Seller Questions

When is the right time of year to sell a house?2021-04-14T20:14:35-05:00

The “right” time to sell a house is whenever you need/want to move and are ready. However, data does suggest that homes selling during the winter months tend to sell for more on average. If you are looking to maximize your profit then keep an eye on local market trends and conditions to help better understand what is right for your area.  In the current market the time is NOW if you are considering. There is a shortage of listings and many houses listed are selling within a couple days with multiple offers presented.

How long does it take to sell a house?2021-02-27T22:02:00-05:00

The Des Moines Area Associations of Realtors suggest that homes are selling fast right now, averaging around 46 days from listing to close. Many factors can be taken into consideration from conditions of your local market, condition of your home, listing price and even the tactics and strategies used by you and/or your agent to market your home

How do I find out the value of my house?2021-04-08T19:35:49-05:00

The value of your house is not a simple question to answer. It depends on many  factors about both the condition of your home and your local market. A great starting point is go check local sales of houses similar in size, style and condition to find a ballpark number to start with.

If you are looking to put your house on the market and you need a more precise number, it’s time to call Tony or Angie Sly. They will schedule time to meet you at the property, gather more information and guide you through getting your home SOLD! Request Your Free Valuation.

How much does it cost to sell a house?2021-04-08T19:36:23-05:00

The agent’s professional fee/commission is generated by the sale of the house and shared between the listing agent and the agent representing the buyer. In the local market, you can plan to invest an average of 6% to cover this fee. Flat fee brokers have their own fees and oftentimes charge their flat fee and separate ala cart fees for additional services like holding open houses. The Sly team is affiliated with Keller Williams Greater Des Moines. We are a full-service brokerage and do not charge extras for getting your home sold.

What can I do to help get my house ready to sell?2021-04-08T19:37:13-05:00

Selling your house comes down to first impressions. Curb appeal and cleanliness will take you far! Ask for our “47 Things” list to help prepare you! Tidy and clean is the goal. All items you know you are moving, pack and store in a common space in the house or storage unit. Make repairs, replace burned out bulbs, and tighten loose handles. PAINT is the least expensive opportunity to add value and a great first impression.

Should I price my house high so I have room to negotiate?2021-04-08T19:37:44-05:00

Take advice from the experts who study the market daily. Depending on the current environment, you will be guided to price your house accordingly. In a seller’s market where inventory is low, it may make sense to price at the higher end of the range. The Sly team will guide you as to the current market and share specifics as to how your house compares with others that have sold. Pricing OVER market is a wrong move and there are risks. We will educate you on the risks of overpricing. Ultimately YOU chose the price based on our expert advice.

Do I need to schedule an open house?2021-04-08T19:38:22-05:00

You certainly can, however it is not required. Some research shows the probability of a guest at an open buying that specific house are low. The Sly team has greeted guests at an open WHO BOUGHT THE HOUSE! YOU decide what is best for you. We follow Covid-19 protocols with masks and sanitizer and are happy to keep your home safe if you chose to invite us to hold it open.

Should I avoid being at home for a scheduled showing?2021-04-08T19:40:51-05:00

Absolutely! Buyers feel more comfortable speaking candidly with each other and their agent if no one is watching over them. Allow them the opportunity to have the place all to themselves and imagine living there. Before you leave home set the mood by opening all the window shades, turning on some light music, flipping on the lights, and packing up your pets. We can ask buyer’s agents to leave the lights on if you would like to limit what guests are touching.

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We love teaching and sharing the knowledge we have gained over the years. It’s actually one of our favorite thing about being Realtors!

If you have any questions at all about home buying/selling or any other aspect of the real estate please do not hesitate to reach out.

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