We often talk about what’s coming into style rather than what is going OUT. So instead, how about we take a look at a few trends in interior design you might just see fade out in 2021. 

Open Floor Plans

If you value your privacy perhaps consider throwing out that open floor plan you’ve been set on. Lack of privacy ends up decreasing function and feng shui. Not every room has to be shared with one another and in fact it looks better with discerning boundaries and borders. Just like all of us, you probably spent a lot of time at home over the past year. (For obvious reasons) Whether you live with a roommate or a whole family, you have probably learned how vital privacy is to us all. More flexible and closed layouts will soon become the standard of modern homes. Embrace your solitude and look into closed layout floor plans. 

Fast Furniture

Fast furniture has many similarities to its counterpart fast fashion. We know and love her, however, the appeal of inexpensive furniture is rapidly declining. Fast furniture usually leads to broken and beaten down furniture. It’s better to buy pieces from reputable and quality companies rather than ordering on the cheapest and fastest site. It’s all about making the investment so that you don’t have to spend more in the future. Focus on the longevity of the furniture you’re buying rather than its price. Purchase with intent not impulse.

White Kitchens

In 2021 we are shying away from a completely white kitchen, instead we are embracing rare and exotic stones to adorn our kitchen counters. Breccias, marble, and onyxes are gaining lots of popularity and are becoming the focal point of kitchen design. 2020 has been lacking colors and it’s up to you to bring it back with style.  Make your kitchen fun again with bright accent colors instead of boring neutral tones. All white kitchens can bring a colder and uptight atmosphere. With all this time spent at home, let’s all make our kitchens more casual and inviting. 


Minimalism’s moment in the limelight is coming to an end. It just isn’t a viable way of decorating anymore nor does it fit with most people’s lifestyles. Many humans have a tendency to be collectors and have a hard time putting such a strict limit on that. In 2021 we are encouraging you to decorate your home in as many layers as you want. Adorn your space with personal items, collectibles, and pictures. Whatever sparks joy in you, put it out for everyone to see. Ultra sleek designs and neat interiors are beginning to feel more like work and less like our homes. Your home should be a sanctuary filled with things that make YOU feel comfortable. Don’t shy away from making a mess now and then because under all of that is your most individual home. Imperfection is in and perfectionism is on its last legs. 


What trend are you sad to see go? Which one’s are you ecstatic about? Come back next year round to see what’s on its way out.