Every year we have the same question, what might become the hot trends of this year? With interior decoration the possibilities are endless. Here’s what’s predicted to be trending in 2021.



Cottage Core Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, Iowa

If you have been on Tumblr, Tik Tok, or Twitter this year I’m sure you have heard of the term “cottage core.” The term became popularized by internet culture in 2020. It is the glamorized version of western agricultural life. It is similar to farmhouse decor but with a feminine and more refined feeling. Color themes consist of neutral tones paired with dainty floral patterns.

2020 was filled with uncertainty and chaos. I think we are looking for some nostalgia and comfort in old ways. What better way than to adorn your house in classic traditionalism. This decor is timeless and borrows from 18th and 19th century culture. It presents decor themes such as classic art and antiques. It favors symmetry and is meant to incorporate harmony and cohesiveness to a living space. Bold colors paired with muted patterns are recommended, such as stripes or damasks. This theme is for any daring old souls out there. 


Faded Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, Iowa


The shabby chic trend utilizes the “faded elegance” elegance look. Luxury but chipped. It’s a great mix of old vintage with new and fancy. This trend loves its accessories such as chandeliers and mirrors. Furniture that has a “lived in” feel with fun classic textiles is imperative. The more faded and blemished the better it is.

In 2019 Joy Marie Kondo debuted her cleaning documentary that highly motivated people to purge all your belongings. Minimalism had a time but it’s time to bring back Maximalism. This trend brings forth your home’s personal identity. This return inspires you to bring out your most decorative self. Maximalism has no boundaries or rules, it is to make a reflection of yourself through design. Although, having items or curiosities with a back story is helpful to this theme. Maximalism encourages to collect but this does not mean to clutter up your home. Think of your home as your museum!


Maximalism Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, Iowa



The all white look of homes is starting to age, it’s time for colors in 2021!

What trend are you following this year?