When you’re selling your house all by yourself, it can be overwhelming figuring out what to do first. There is an endless list of things you can do to make your home more appealing for new buyers. However, if you don’t know the first thing about staging your home then take a look at these tips and tricks for a great place to start!


Decluttering and Cleaning 

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The #1 important thing in home staging is cleanliness! No one wants to buy a home that looks disheveled, dirty, or cluttered. It makes the home look unappetizing to buyers. Remove what is absolutely unnecessary, like that second fridge you swear you’ll use. Or that beat up shelf you’ve been meaning to move out forever. Not only will this help you attract more buyers, it will help you in your journey of moving. Clean high foot traffic areas like you’ve never cleaned before. Start with wiping down walls, mopping floors, windexing surfaces, and basically anything you think might need to be cleaned. (It probably does.) Strive for a minimalist look and stray away from any bulky decor or furniture.


Depersonalizing Your Home

When buyers come in, they want to visualize THEIR future home. As lovely as the personality you’ve given your house may be, it is better to create a neutral space for buyers to reflect their own dreams on. Remove personal photos, religious pieces, or any personal products such as your toiletries. While it might feel weird to take away your personal touches, it will be much more helpful in the long run.


Lights, Lights, and More Lights

When selling, dark or dim rooms usually are unappealing to potential buyers. When you are about to make a large investment, you want to see all of what you’re purchasing, bright and clear. Brighten up your areas simply by opening the blinds, letting in that natural light makes your space and belongings much more attractive. Experiment with light by moving around lamps or other fixtures for optimal coverage. 


Rearranging What You Have

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While you might have been very comfortable with the personal set up in your home, setting up your furniture and decor in a new way can be very helpful! Look up style trends for what will be most alluring with what you have. Don’t waste money buying new belongings if you can utilize what you already own. If you feel you must purchase some things to spruce up the place, look for simple things such as, vases, hand towels, or other various things to fit your set up’s aesthetic. When rearranging, stage your home in a way that creates the most space possible. Ascertain that walkways and rooms are always walkable.



The key to staging is the attention to detail, if you notice something is off don’t ignore it. Although don’t worry yourself trying to make everything perfect. As long as your space is clean, organized, and cohesive, you should have nothing to worry about! Get ready to clean, decorate, and declutter. Happy selling!