When selling your home it’s best to know your audience of buyers. Although wants and needs will vary, here are some trends that buyers are looking for when purchasing a new home.



Kitchen Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, Iowa

Spacious Kitchens 

Since we can’t eat out in restaurants anymore, big and spacious kitchens have become progressively more appealing to buyers. An open floor kitchen plan will add much more value to a home rather than a cramped minimalistic one. Bonus points for appeal if you build an eat-in kitchen island that allows for more quality time to be spent in the kitchen.



Solar Panels Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, IowaEnergy Efficiency

Protecting nature is becoming more of a household concern to us as people, home buyers will actively be looking for energy efficient homes. Not only do they help reduce carbon footprint, they also reduce their future utility bills. Some ways for you to make your house more energy efficient is to install vacuum sealed windows that insert in between panels, that reduce heat loss and prevent cold getting in. Another way, which might be more of a big ticket install, is solar panels. This can put you ahead of the pack by having something unique and different.  




Fence Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, Iowa

Fenced Yard

Whether you install a cheap wood fence or a fancy metal one, buyers enjoy their privacy and differentiating their property from others. Open plots are losing style and many are wanting seclusion more than anything. Don’t worry about closing off the front yard but make sure you have some sort of installment in the back.




Well Lit Room Sly Real Estate Group West Des Moines, Iowa



If your house lacks a lot of natural light, it would be recommended to ensure you have proper lighting. Lamps, string lights, or LED’s are all great options when wanting to spruce up your lighting situation. 




If you’re struggling to think of what’s appealing to buyers, think of what is appealing to you. Most homeowners and buyers have the same thing in common. They all want a house that is safe, spacious, clean, and functions healthily as a home.